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Article: Our oolong tea range at a glance.

Our oolong tea range at a glance.

Our oolong tea range at a glance.

Here at Aimee Sher Makes, we carry a variety of delicious Oolong teas sourced from single farms in Taiwan. 

The Camelia sinesis plant was introduced into what was then known as Formosa in the 17th century, and has been cultivated on the island that became Taiwan since. 

Due to the unique climate and mountainous regions of Taiwan, High Mountain style Oolong has long been popular there. The tradition of tea cultivation continued throughout different regimes, even through the Japanese occupation. Off and on, it's been an important crop in the island. 

I grew up drinking this style of oolong, grown in colder, high elevation regions. Oolong in Taiwan has a widespread popularity and variety, and is distinct from the Assams and black teas in other regions. 

In Taiwan, different oolong varietals have been developed in the farms and universities. And of course, the boba or bubble tea trend that has swept across the world is part of our tea culture, too. 

But we're not here to talk about bubble tea today. We're here to talk about pure, good ol' oolong! 

Roughly, oolong teas from Taiwan can be classed by harvest time and conditions, varietal, level of fermentation, percentage of oxidation, and temperature/length of roast. All of these factors create unique flavor profiles and tea drinking experiences within the oolong family. 

With our shop launch, we are launching 4 distinct types as a sort of tasting menu for you to enjoy and try. Whether you are a seasoned oolong drinker or are new to traditional oolong, there's something for you here. 

Black Oolong

Our black oolong is a full bodied tea and has notes of cacao, tupelo honey, and hazlenut. This has the longest roast and oxidation of our teas. The tea leaf is a 金萱 (pronounced jinxuan), a varietal developed in the 1980s in Taiwan to achieve a fragrant, creamy quality. It's grown in the iconic Alishan mountain range.

This tea is fantastic if you are normally into earl gray or other black teas, and it's a great entry point to oolong. It stands up to hot and cold brewing, and can be enjoyed with a splash of dairy or non-dairy milk. 

Like all our teas, this one can be brewed at least 4 times in the day for different depths of flavor that develop throughout each brew. 

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Red Oolong

This is my personal favorite, a tea in the classic 凍頂 (high mountain style, literally "frozen top"), Taiwanese style. This is a gorgeous brew that fills the mouth with a fragrant experience and has a very honey-like mouthfeel that feels somehow thicker than water. 

This is grown on an organic tea farm in Shanlinxi in Nantou County, using the classic 青心 Qingxin varietal. A lower oxidation and longer roast time creates a more subtle, fragrant flavor. 

A classic high mountain red like this stands up to brewing forever and ever, and every subsequent brew brings out different flavor notes. 

This one has notes of pecan, coffee grounds, and red plum. 

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GABA Oolong

The Gaba Oolong is a unique and new to me tea that I'm sooo excited to share with you now that I've discovered it. 

GABA Oolong is a unique style of tea that has been fermented to naturally increase the GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid content of the leaf. GABA is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps with information processing, lower blood pressure, and reducing anxiety and insomnia. It can also help increase focus, which makes it perfect for relaxing and knitting at the same time.

BANG Tea's GABA is the result of a multi-year search to find an impressive representation of the style. Now in it’s sixth year of production (our third year offering it), Mrs. Qiu’s GABA tea has received recognition in competition and continues to be a delicious and unique style of oolong.

This tea has gone through a 3 day anaerobic fermentation process and finished with a short roast. It has a very sweet flavor profile of sweet potato, brown sugar, and baked apple. 

Shop GABA Oolong

Milk Oolong

金萱 (pronounced jinxuan), was developed in Taiwan for a creamy, milk-like quality, and thus is sometimes called Milk Oolong. Grown in the high mountains of 阿里山 (Alishan, a mountain range in Chiayi County, Taiwan), this is a single origin oolong offering. This is the same tea leaf as the Black Oolong, but treated differently for a more vegetal and floral profile due to differing oxidation levels. 

This harvest was roasted to bring out a gentle, comforting fragrance in the golden broth, and fills the mouth with subtle sweet, creamy flavors.

Features tasting notes of sugar cookies, wildflowers, and cream. 

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