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Black Oolong (Winter 2023)

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A beautiful black oolong tea developed for a full bodied flavor, this is a beautiful breakfast tea. A chocolatey, honeyed broth makes this a unique roast for the oolong family of tea.

Grown in the high mountains of 阿里山 (Alishan, a mountain range in Chiayi County, Taiwan), this is a warming, comforting brew and can stand up to being served or with a splash of dairy or non-dairy milk. If you are used to drinking something like an earl gray or other black teas for breakfast, this is a great entry point to oolong for you. It's a wonderful breakfast tea and is bright and awakening.

金萱 (pronounced jinxuan), was developed in Taiwan for a creamy, milk-like quality. This tea has a more rich roast than the others we carry, and is beautiful for hot and cold brewing.

Made in Alishan Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan.

This product is a food product and cannot be shipped internationally.

Black Oolong (Winter 2023) - Aimee Sher Makes
Black Oolong (Winter 2023) Sale price$22.00