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About Aimee Sher Makes

Hello there! Here at Aimee Sher Makes, we are dedicated to creating a joyful knitting and wearing experience for you through our knitting patterns. 

founder & lead product designer

Aimee Sher

Aimee Sher is a Taiwanese American knitter, spinner, and sometimes sewist and weaver who has a passion for thoughtful design details. Inspired by the foods and experiences and creations of the Asian American diaspora, they began designing in 2021.

Elevating all makers

All of their work is aimed at elevating makers in marginalized communities as well as bringing attention to small batch farmers, mills, or specialty dyers. She loves working with others to lift the tide and elevate us all.

What's in a pattern?

Aimee Sher patterns are crafted with intention. When you knit one of her patterns, you are sharing in the inspiration she gets from around the world in places that she has lived in. They are always size inclusively graded & thoughtfully written for a smooth and joyful knitting experience.


When you knit an Aimee Sher Makes pattern, know that it has been equitably designed across sizes. We design with a size and shape inclusive ethos, and our testing process is designed to make sure that larger sized testers have an equitable experience. See our testing policy here.


Aimee's patterns and writings can be seen at Pom Pom Magazine and Making Magazine. They've been featured in collections by Woolfolk, Hinterland Yarn, and Knitpicks.


We source our yarn from small businesses just like ours, carefully selected to not only be a joy to wear for the rest of your life, but to be ethically produced and responsible for the environment.

About Our Staff

Aimee Sher Makes is supported by Symphony Chau, Teresa Runnett, and Jen Hurley in our daily operations. When you interact with us, you may be talking to one of these lovely humans! 

Symphony Chau is our product coordinator and marketing specialist.

Teresa Runnett handles captions and other content creation.

Jen Hurley is our pattern support specialist. 

We also have a robust roster of illustrators, tech editors, and sample knitters to support our product creation process.

Staff compensation

We believe that people are at their creative best when compensated equitably. This is why we now pay double what the market rate is for sample knitting, provide yarn support spots and discounts for testers, and offer a minimum of $28/hr for all hourly contractors.

We will never leave anyone behind just for our profit bottom line.

Diversity Statement

We are a Taiwanese- and queer-owned company and we believe in a rising tide lifting all boats. This is an explicitly affirming space to those with marginalized identities, such as indigenous/melenated people (also known as people of color), LGBTQIA+ people, and disabled people.

All of our policies, from hiring, to manufacturing, to test knitting, to selection of packaging, all are geared towards this single purpose. We don't just say that we are welcoming and affirming--we make sure we act out of those values as well in every aspect of our business.