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Skill building patterns

Aimee Sher Makes designs range in difficulty from patterns suitable for adventurous/advanced beginners to more advanced garment knitters.

Check out our garment patterns by skill and difficulty level.

Our skill-building patterns for advanced beginners are designed to help newer knitters develop skills for practical features, thoughtful shaping, and more. These are basics that are going to be a classic for a lifetime.

If you've never made a convertible mitten or you've never worked a garment with short row shaping, this section is for you.

Of course, if you are a more advanced knitter, this section is perfect for easy wardrobe stable knits.

If you've never knit a garment before, we recommend the Coloring Book Raglan. It's a great skill builder and involves just a little bit of German Short Row shaping before you dive into easy peasy raglan shaping.

After that, the world's your oyster. Try the Coloring Book Tee, a more fitted compound raglan garment featuring varied raglan increase rates for a better fit.

Once you feel comfortable with navigating sizing, shaping, and garment construction, try one of our Building Blocks patterns, which feature modified drop shaping.

This line of patterns are designed to help you bridge the gap into the patterns listed in our Intermediate section. They're constructed like a set in sleeve, with underarm shaping and sleeve cap shaping, to obtain a better fit across all sizes. The Building Blocks Cardi introduces "at the same time" shaping, while both of these patterns feature optional bust darts for slightly more advanced fit.

All of these patterns are knit in one piece.

If you're feeling comfortable with shaping techniques and garment knitting, and you're ready for a little more of a challenge, these patterns are for you.

They feature things like compound raglan, at the same time instructions, and stitch patterns worked at the same time as shaping.

All the compound raglan patterns featured here include row-by-row stitch counts in a progress keeping chart to help you knit them easily in the most drama-free way.

Many patterns here feature thoughtful, optional bust dart shaping for a more advanced fit.