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Matcha Whisk Stitch Marker

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A matcha whisk marker for those of us who love a good matcha or matcha latte at home. Will grant you the appearance of the adrenaline you need to finish your project. 

Matcha, the compressed and powdered version of Camellia sinesis (the same plant that oolong is made from!), was first made in China then developed in Japan. Over a thousand years, it evolved into the delicious, grassy drink we know today. 

Today, matcha comes in all forms, from straight hot drinks, to matcha lattes, to even desserts! We love matcha in whatever way it comes. 

The lever-style clasp makes this usable as a progress keeper, a removable stitch marker, as well as a regular stitch marker, so that it's triply useful. Can be used by crocheters and knitters alike!

Fits knitting needle sizes up to US15/10mm comfortably.

Curious about how we love to use our stitch markers? Read our blog on 5 ways to use locking stitch markers!

Matcha Whisk Stitch Marker
Matcha Whisk Stitch Marker Sale price$8.00