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Marilla's Mittens - Knitting Pattern (PDF)

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These mittens knitting pattern are inspired by the book series Anne of Green Gables, by L.M. Montgomery. I’d like to think that these are the mittens knitting pattern that Anne begs and begs and begs Marilla for… Which Marilla grudgingly acquiesces to. Who needs bobbles, cables, and lacework in a mitten?

Nevertheless, Marilla won’t be outdone by the other knitters in town, and she applies herself to the design of these mittens rather industriously. Being a practical soul at heart, Marilla could never just knit mittens. She’s worked out fingerless, convertible, and full length versions to get Anne through every season and occasion.

Even though they are quite a bit more decorated than Marilla is used to, I imagine that they would become a secret source of pride for her. Throughout the novels, Marilla always shows that little secret joy… The satisfaction of knowing you are very good at a particular handiwork skill… and the little pretty touches to things that Anne has encouraged and pushed Marilla to explore… Bringing joy and artistry to everyday garments.

This convertible, fingerless, and plain mittens knitting pattern will bring you that same satisfaction and joy in the making… as well as keep you warm, whatever version you need for your particular life.

Part of the Anne of Green Gables collection.




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This product listing is for a PDF download with a pattern for you to make your own finished knit with. It does not include the finished product.

Marilla's Mittens - Knitting Pattern (PDF) - Aimee Sher Makes
Marilla's Mittens - Knitting Pattern (PDF) Sale price$7.00

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