Can I make a purchase at aimeeshermakes.com and connect it to my Ravelry library? 

Yes, you can. You will need to make your order here with the same email address you have Ravelry registered at. In your order confirmation page, you'll see a button that says "add pattern(s) to Ravelry library", so you can complete the process there.

If you missed out on this button earlier, you can also access it through the order page on your Customer Account Page

Can I retroactively change my customer email at aimeeshermakes.com to sync to my Ravelry account? 

No, we cannot change your customer information retroactively. You may find success changing your Ravelry login email temporarily, then going into your order confirmation page on your Aimeeshermakes.com customer account page again to link your purchase there. 

How do I find help for patterns? 

Our pattern support email address is support@aimeeshermakes.com. We are able to provide support for pattern questions only. An example of questions we cannot answer are "How come I can't print this pattern?"

What software do I need to load your patterns?

All Aimee Sher Makes patterns are formatted and tested in Adobe Acrobat. I recommend using the free Acrobat Reader if you have any trouble opening, reading, or printing these files. 

Patterns published from September 2023 and later are compatible with the responsive Liquid Mode in Acrobat Reader.