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Fiber Cats Stitch Markers

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Cozy cat stitch markers for your WIPs. 

There's a cat for every mood—choose your favorite kitty. From the cozy tuxie sipping on some hot cocoa and the furiously knitting tabby cat, to the sleep british shorthair resting under a handmade crochet blanket and the playful ginger...all the kitties are ready to go home with you!

Receive one of these cats free when you add all 4 to cart with an automatic discount.

The lever-style clasp makes this usable as a progress keeper, a removable stitch marker, as well as a regular stitch marker, so that it's triply useful. This marker can be used by crocheters and knitters alike!

Fits knitting needle sizes up to US15/10mm comfortably.

Curious about how we love to use our stitch markers? Read our blog on 5 ways to use locking stitch markers!

Fiber Cats Stitch Markers
Fiber Cats Stitch Markers Sale price$8.00