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Wool Wash Soap

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Tuft Woolens' solid wool wash is our favorite rinse-free wash product. Each solid soap bar is uniquely handmade for you by Martha at Tuft Woolens. Martha has created an exclusive scent just for us, but we've included a scent-free option, too.

Packaged minimally in paper, this product lasts forever and just a little goes a long way. The fragranced versions of this wool soap are wonderfully mild and gentle. We also use it as a gentle stain bar on all delicate laundry. Lanolin is included and gently conditions & softens the fibers of your finished knits. 

Our custom scent, Citrus Grove, was exclusively developed for us by Tuft Woolens. Imagine walking through an orchard, with the wet musky dirt beneath your feet and a blend of grapefruit, orange, and honey in the air. This scent in the solid wool wash is our favorite new scent and we want it on everything. 

Wool Wash Soap - Aimee Sher Makes
Wool Wash Soap Sale price$10.00