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Meditative Shawl - Knitting Pattern (PDF)

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This meditative shawl knitting pattern combines meandering paths of gentle lace for a mindful experience. It is soothing and gentle both in the knitting and the wearing.

This piece begins with an entire field of lace, traversing across the paths made by the traveling knit stitches between curving eyelet sections. The shawl shrinks bit by bit in neat and subtle decreases along a single side for an asymmetrical triangle.

Eventually, the path narrows to one singular point for the mind to focus on, bind-ing off a single final stitch. 

The lace paths are inspired by meditation labyrinths, which are used in spiritual traditions around the world for mindful walking and breathing. The easy-to-memorize lace creates rhythmic and comforting mindfulness for the knitter to ponder as they work.


This product listing is for a PDF download with a pattern for you to make your own finished knit with. It does not include the finished product.

Meditative Shawl - Aimee Sher Makes
Meditative Shawl - Knitting Pattern (PDF) Sale price$7.00

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