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Green Oolong (Spring 2024)

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Our Green Oolong features the spring 2024 harvest of the 青心 (qingxin) cultivar. It's grown in 杉林溪 (Shanlinxi) in Nantou County, Taiwan. It's processed to showcase the unique qualities of Taiwanese high-mountain grown qinxin tea. 

This spring tea features the first flush harvest and unroasted and processed with just 10% of oxidation. With tasting notes of artichoke and lily, it has a beautiful mouthfeel that coats the mouth with a gentle, sweet aftertaste.

The 2024 harvest has a strong umami flavor but is going to have less toastiness than our roasted teas. This is pure tea at its best, and is a great way to understand how this variety tastes in its purest form. 

Green Oolong (Spring 2024)
Green Oolong (Spring 2024) Sale price$25.00