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Double Red Oolong (Spring 2024)

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Our Double Red Oolong is produced just once a year and was created in collaboration with a Master Tea Maker in 杉林溪 (Shanlinxi) in Nantou County, Taiwan, where the leaves are grown. Grown from the 2024 harvest of the 青心 (qingxin) culivar, Double Red Oolong is achieved by precision roasting over multiple sessions. 

With a similar quality to the classic tieguanyin, this oolong is suited to aging anywhere from months to decades with proper care. This is most suitable for drinking when aged for 6 months or more, but it's fun to start now if you'd like! 

This year's batch offers a deep and toasty barley note with a little fruitiness. Due to the heavy roast, the flavor extraction matures throughout multiple brews, so don't forget to come back for more throughout the day as the leaves continue to open up and respond to the heat of the brew. 

This type of tea is typically popular with coffee lovers due to the complex flavors that the gentle double roasting brings out! 

Double Red Oolong (Spring 2024)
Double Red Oolong (Spring 2024) Sale price$25.00