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Article: 4 best yarns for summer clothes knitting!

4 best yarns for summer clothes knitting!

If you've been knitting for a while, you know that for those of us who love the craft, winter is not the only time we knit. I love spring/summer knits, and today I'm here to share with you some of our favorite yarns for summer clothes making! 

Wooldreamers' Saona

Wooldreamers' Saona is a great one to start with when you want to try out summer knitting, but you're used to knitting with wool.

This is a stunning woolen-spun yarn that features 50% cotton grown in the Andalucian region of Spain. This small family-owned mill has organic certification to ensure a sustainable and low-water processing for this yarn.

Saona knits up into a light-as-air garment due to the woolen spun quality. This yarn holds a ton of air in the strand and is very lightweight due to its woolen spun structure. The cotton content makes it a very breathable fabric and perfect for spring tees and sweaters.

We love Saona knit up in tees like the Weekday Tee

Saona shows textures like cable and lace very gently, with less definition. It has a lot of structure and "stand" to it, due to the woolen spun qualities holding it up. 

Saona comes in 7 beautiful, neutral hues. Shop Saona

De Rerum Natura's Albertine

Albertine is a gorgeously plump and round 4-ply yarn. Its 90% Merinos d'Arles (France) and 10% mulberry silk (China) are worsted spun in near Biella, Italy then dyed in France. 

Albertine in colorway Oursin knit up in Slightly Sassy V.

Albertine comes in a huge range of hues and is smooth and bouncy. Due to the 10% silk, this yarn has a subtle sheen. And if you are sensitive to fibers that poke out like linen or woolen spuns like Saona, this is a great one to try as it is very fine with 21.5 micron French merino. 

Due to the 4-ply construction, Albertine has lovely definition and will work up in a variety of stitch textures wonderfully. However, we love it in plain stockinette stitch also.

Albertine comes in a range of 12 hues in our shop. Shop Albertine.

Big Little Yarn Co's Organic Wool and Linen Fingering

We have come to love Big Little Yarn Co's beautiful hand dyed colors. And this base is a great way to get some hand dyed hues into your summer garment and accessory knitting.

With 30% of linen, this one is breathable but still easy to knit. Organic Wool & Linen Fingering knits up with a crisp definition. This is a hand-dyed yarn, and the non-superwash wool and linen take up the dye at different rates, resulting in a gorgeous watercolor-like heathering.

Shown here in Majyo, knit up with the Oolong Tank pattern.

The speckles, when present (only in some colorways!), is very gentle and melded, which makes for a very harmonious fabric in a large swath, like in a garment.

We carry this hand dyed wool and linen yarn in a small selection of colors. Shop Now

Knitting For Olive's Pure Silk

This is the one I feel like every knows and loves! Knitting For Olive pure silk is an ethically spun silk yarn, and comes in a beautiful range of colors. It knits up into the perfect mid-summer garment and has a fine and matte look. 

Silk has beautiful qualities of heat regulation and can be worn either as a summer solo piece or as a layer in the winter. It has a beautiful drape to it and creates really beautiful fabric! 

Made of leftover silk fibers from normal silk processing, this 100% bourette silk also comes from silk that has been processed only after the moths have escaped, rather than boiling the cocoon whole with the moth in it. 

Here, KFO Pure Silk is knit up in Plum Rose & Haze in Coloring Book Tee

This particular yarn is OEKO-TEX certified, which means that the mill follows strict ethical, technical, and environmental standards. 

We love it in camis, tanks, and shawls. 

We carry this yarn in 20 colors. Shop Now


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