K’s Back to School Vest Test Knitter Round Up - Aimee Sher Makes

K’s Back to School Vest Test Knitter Round Up

Pattern info page and purchasing links here.

Disclaimer: Some of these testers received partial or full yarn support from myself or a yarn vendor. None of my testers were required to share photos. These testers are the ones who have consented to have these images shared here. Some made unique mods to the pattern for their bodies. Some of those mods are in the pattern and some are not. Thank you to testers for your help!


Valora M, Size 2

Adina, Size 3

Size 3, Selva

Size 3, Vanessa

Size 4, Becca

Size 5, Erin

Size 6, Christina

Size 6, Cristina

Size 6, Sara

Size 7, Sarah

Size 7, Sarah TK

Size 7, Somer

Size 8, Cece

Size 8, Diana

Size 8, Megan

Size 10, Kellie

Size 10, Marta

Size 10, Tiffany

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