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Article: Stephanie's Perfect Coloring Book Raglans

Stephanie's Perfect Coloring Book Raglans - Aimee Sher Makes

Stephanie's Perfect Coloring Book Raglans

Ever since the launch of the Coloring Book Raglan knitting pattern, so many knitters have worked up beautiful customized sweaters using this beginner pattern. The ease of use and provided “coloring book pages” means that you can really plan and execute your perfect color combo and create the wardrobe staple of your dreams. 

Stephanie @edible.thoughts.makes and her many versions are proof that you can truly customize this pattern to anything you desire. Here’s all the Coloring Book Raglans that Stephanie has ever made! 

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links where I receive a small portion of sale proceeds. 

Testing the Basic Raglan Pattern


Stephanie, an Asian woman is standing with a light brown and white striped pullover with wide stripes.

Stephanie’s first Coloring Book Raglan was knit exactly to pattern, no modifications, using KnitPicks Wool of the Andes. This sturdy yarn is a great budget basic to knit your first sweater with. Because it’s non-superwash, it has a more predictable result and is great for beginners. 

The scrappy Coloring Book Raglan

The second Coloring Book Raglan that Stephanie made was using scrap yarn from her own collection from other projects, with a predominantly red base. She modified the pattern by knitting a different size, using fingering weight yarn held double to achieve DK weight. See her chat about it in her vlog here

Dreamy Linen Quill Held Double

Stephanie is standing and looking at the camera wearing her finished slipover using a modified raglan knitting pattern.

Next, Stephanie knit up another version using Purl Soho Linen Quill held double. At this point, she was making all kinds of mods to the neck, to the sleeve lengths, and to the body length to truly make it her own.

Here, she modded a gorgeous foldover neckband, which is easily worked by knitting the neckband extra long and folding it over to tack it down to the wrong side. 

Contrasting Yarn For Texture and Color

Stephanie stands with back facing camera wearing a full length pullover with contrasting textures and low contrast colors in the stripes.

Finally, she recently finished another stunner (bottom left) using Purl Soho Morning in Cucumber Ice and Purl Soho Serif in Soft Aloe. Not only are these yarns low contrast, they also have textural contrast as Serif has a bumpy, textural vibe. 

The Coloring Book Raglan gives you perfect customizable options. 

This pattern comes with different sleeve, body, and striping options so that you can truly customize it to make it your own. 

The Coloring Book Raglan is an all time best seller here at Aimee Sher Makes, and I hope this has inspired you to make your own this fall, whether it's your 1st one or your 4th!

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